We all have a story.

One such story is where the inspiration for our brand, Boothby Furniture Design. At the core of the city I grew up in is a narrow square sandwiched by cobblestone streets. At the end of the square is a ornate trough. It was first installed by Frederic E. Boothby, Portland Mayor from 1901-1903.

He installed the watering trough in 1902. Public watering troughs addressed a need for water supply and the trough situated at the edge Boothby Square supplied water to horses, dogs and goats.

Located at a busy Portland intersection, the trough was struck by a car in 1946 and was removed and stored in one of the city’s storage areas for almost forty years before an antiques dealer, William Johnson, bought the trough and set it up on his property in Wells. 

The publicity around the sale caused renewed interest, and several attempts to buy it back were turned down until 2004 when Mr. Johnson finally accepted an offer for $50,000 and the trough was reinstalled through efforts of the “City Beautiful” movement and financial support from The Libra Foundation and a group of funders, headed by Eric Cianchette. 

As a designer, I thoroughly appreciate the Boothby Square story. I am struck by Mayor Boothby's dedication to the city, a city that has always inspired me to seek new heights in my own creative endeavors. From a young age I pursued art and design. While I moved away and spent some time in New York City, I am thrilled to be home again in a symbiotic cycle of being inspired by, and creating furniture in, this great coastal city.

Find home.  Seek creative freedom. Be who you are, where you are, always.

Stay Beautiful, friends.

- Peter Dore, Founder and Chief Designer