Boothby Design


"Creative. Bold. Inspiring."



Behind the Name

Boothby Furniture Design's namesake comes from the creative yet industrious act of Mayor Frederic E. Boothby, Portland Mayor from 1901-1903, who installed a watering trough at one end of Boothby Square Park in 1902. It served the community by form and function. The statue was removed after a crash, and almost forgotten. It was acquired by an antique collector who eventually sold the trough back to the city during an effort to revitalize historic charm. It's a story that drives a desire to build on the distinct privilege and inspiration that stems from living and working in a place like Portland, Maine. 

My Practice

"My practice sits on an array of influencers including printmakers, painters, furniture craftsmen, and industrial design concepts and materials. I look to Ellsworth Kelly’s shapes, George Nakashima’s philosophy, Richard Tuttle’s whimsy and confidence, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s rhetoric, and my mentor Dana Byrd’s thoughtfulness for direct infusion when in need of inspiration. I use new and traditional processes to design and build modern, artistic furniture that will stand the test of time." 

Peter Dore, Founder & CEO